IRIFOR, a non-profit organisation of UICI (Italian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted), is the Institute for Research, Training and Rehabilitation established on 22 February 1991 by the Italian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted. IRIFOR develops and  provides training and rehabilitation services for persons with visual disabilities. I.Ri.Fo.R.. is an institution recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research as a reference point for the training of school staff on  visual disability issues and is accredited for the provision of training to teaching staff (pursuant to Ministerial Directive  no. 170/2016).

RESEARCH AREA: Agreements with the Ministry of Education, University and Research  and local universities,  Surveys on training and work activities of people with visual impairments, Surveys on the use of information technology systems, Clinical studies and studies on developmental age, Internships for students in psychology and psychotherapy.

TRAINING AND EDUCATION AREA: Refresher courses for teachers and educators, Courses on specific materials and techniques for the education of persons with visual impairments, ECDL courses, “Mercurio Smart Braille” course, School support initiatives, Courses aimed at providing professional qualification as switchboard operator and high level training programmes, CLI - I.Ri.Fo.R specialized language training centre for people with visual disabilities.

REHABILITATION AREA: Summer camps for visually impaired persons and their families, Free telephone psychological support for people with visual disabilities and those who work and live with them, Orientation, mobility and independent living skills  courses,  Summer/winter camps for deafblind people, Early intervention for visually impaired children 0-6 years.

I.Ri.Fo.R also supports visually impaired people by carrying out local training and rehabilitation activities through its network of  regional and provincial offices spread over the country.

Our trained workers/experts carry out different activities based on the qualifications specified  in the following national registers:

National Register of Assistants to communication and independent living skills for visually impaired people and National Register of Experts on blindness related sciences

Specialized personnel for the support of children, teenagers and adults with visual disability in the fields of education and training

  • Register of Computer Trainers

 Teaching computer skills to visually impaired people.

  • Register of Experts on Accessibility Issues

Made up of people with  appropriate technical skills to assess technological accessibility.

  • Register of Instructors of Orientation, Mobility and Independent Living Skills

To enhance the independence of people with visual impairments in the physical environment, in social relationships and at home.

  • Register of Psychomotor Multisensory Hydrostimulation Instructors (I.Po.P)

To provide rehabilitation in water to people with visual impairments, in particular children.

  • Register of Braille Transcribers

Listing the printing houses recognized by IRIFOR that produce books and magazines in Braille and in large print.

Opening hours

Monday and Friday: 08:00 - 14:00

Tuesday, Wednesday e Thursday: 08:00 - 13:30 and 14:00 - 17:30


Website: www.irifor.eu

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Registered office: Via Borgognona, 38 - 00187 Rome, Italy